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The Pacific: Review of Episodes 7 & 8

Part seven of the HBO mini series The Pacific sees Sledge and the Fifth Marines continue the fight for Peleliu after having taken the airfield in part six. Whereas the last episode marked Sledge’s birth by fire, this episode observes as he and his comrades turn into (or back into) a bunch “raggedy-ass Marines.” Unbeknownst [...]

A Nightmare Remake, The Horror

With the new A Nightmare on Elm Street being universally panned by critics, I thought it was time for me to brush up on the horror genre and finally see the classic Wes Craven creation. The original film was released before my time but there are plenty of fans who grew up with it and, [...]

Iron Man 2 Review

The anticipated sequel Iron Man 2 is a slick action flick based on the same formula as its predecessor. Tony Stark, after admitting he is Iron Man, has succesfully privatized world peace and refuses to share his technology with the U.S. Government. That much is clear from the trailer, but if you haven’t seen the [...]

The Pacific: Review of Episodes 5 & 6

Parts five and six of the series mark the halfway point in the series. Up until this point the fighting has been rather stationary, with the Americans taking positions and holding them, with much success. Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) and some other newly minted Marines arrive on Pavuvu, where he finds his pal Sidney Phillips [...]

Lament for a Bond Film

I filed this under news but anyone who actually reads the news will already know that Bond 23 has been put on ice due to the uncertainty surrounding MGM’s future. That’s not the only reason to be singing the Bond blues, however. Aparrently this will be last curtain call for Dame Judi Dench as ‘M,’ [...]

Stieg Larsson, Bitch

It’s annoying when everyone starts raving about something you already discovered and have been raving about for ages. This happened to me. I was a huge Dave Chapelle fan before he got his show, I loved his stand-up but after he got famous I wanted to sack anyone who said ‘Rick James, bitch.’ So allow [...]