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They Don't Have to Remake Millenium

I didn’t think that I’d be writing about Bond 23 and the Millenium trilogy at the same time but it turns out that Daniel Craig has signed on to play Mikael Blomkwist in the English remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Craig has time on his hands due to the troubles with getting [...]

A. J. Pennypacker or: How I Learned to Appreciate Peter Sellers

So it’s been a week since my last post, which is a Cardinal sin as a blogger, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active in the world of film. For one, I wrote a review of Valhalla Rising for The Critical Critics. The more observant will notice that I used a different last name [...]

Who is Edward Norton?

Lately there has been a lot of news about casting decisions for Marvel’s super-superhero movie The Avengers. For the most part, actors who have already featured as characters in the sprawling Marvel Universe will reprise their roles, with the exception of Edward Norton, who replaced Eric Bana after only one film. It was announced that [...]

Little Fockers Preview

The little trilogy that could. The first film had most people howling, but after the first sequel it was clear that the stern, never to be won over, ex-CIA  father-in-law routine was getting old. Nevertheless the film had no troubles covering production costs, and likely for that reason we’re being treated to Little Fockers. Part [...]

Film Finders & Taste Engines

Back in March I wrote a short article about movie recommendations – anyone who has searched online knows that the ones you get from IMDB and Amazon are lousy, and film search engines are the way to go. These film finders, or perhaps more aptly put, taste engines, like the one from Jinni, allow you [...]

The Cinescape: The Good, the Bad and the Irresistible

Granted, the title sounds like the name of a bad porn movie, but you’ll see it’s very appropriate. As a movie blogger, one spends a lot of time looking at the rest of the film blogosphere, the cinematical landscape, the cinescape if you will, in an effort to stay abreast of the news, catch the [...]

Hot Tub Time Machine Review

I was skeptical about this film at first, hence the lateness in writing a review, but I was worried all the 80′s movie references would go way over my head, but I’m happy that a friend talked me into it. Hot Tub Time Machine is actually a crass, beer-fueled bromance more akin to Superbad than [...]

Jackson Back in the Saddle

Barely had I written about how The Hobbit needs a director, about the hype surrounding about the possibility of Neill Blomkamp directing, only to be blown out of the water the very next day. It turns out that Peter Jackson will answer the call, again, maybe. I share the same sentiment as Peter Hall, getting [...]