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"Mein Führer, I can walk!"

Stephen Colbert is the man. On his show The Colbert Report (-ert and -ort both spoken softly) last week, he proposed a kind of Mutually Assured Destruction as a possible solution to the Ground Zero Mosque quagmire while paying homage to Peter Sellers and Dr. Strangelove. I was simply blown away. If you haven’t seen [...]

Black Death Review

For anyone excited to see Sean Bean once again don the chain mail in a medieval adventure film à la Lord of the Rings, be warned that his isn’t the adventure film you might expect, and his character Ulric is a litte more burdened, or haunted, than Boromir. A monk (Eddie Redmayne) volunteers to help [...]

Mr. Stallone Goes to Berlin: The Expendables at the Sony Center

On a very successful promotional tour, director, writer and star Stallone stepped in for Jason Statham when the latter was asked to freestyle, without missing a beat he let out „Rap, rap, rap so fine, miss a word, and your little ass is mine,” to the beatboxing being performed by audience member or “jorunalist”. I [...]

The Comedy Grindhouse

A while back I had to come up with a cute, short tagline for my site. I didn’t know what to write so in an attempt at humour I mentioned the fact that I’d sit through any movie, except Druids, which was awful. It turns out I lied – I stopped watching Epic Movie halfway [...]