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Hobbit Racism Row

This story broke back in November, but I think it’s worth mentioning on the heels of last weeks article about the casting call for The Hobbit. Reading people’s reactions I realized that either I’m crazy, or they’re crazy. But let’s back track, for those who don’t know, a casting director put an ad in the [...]

Casting Call for the Hobbit: Why Not Ian Holm?

After a rough start things are finally coming together for the release of The Hobbit. Bilbo, the main character in this prelude to The Lord of the Rings has been cast. Ian Holm did a tremendous job and would have been in Del Toro’s picture, apparently, but the role went to Martin Freeman, who reckons [...]

2011: The Year of 3-D and Sequels

This year is slowly but surely coming to a close. Before everyone comes out with their top tens for twenty a ten, a look at the year ahead reveals a lot of sequels and 3-dimensional motion pictures on the horizon. I hear you saying, isn’t every year the year of the sequel? That’s true, horror [...]