2011: The Year of 3-D and Sequels

This year is slowly but surely coming to a close. Before everyone comes out with their top tens for twenty a ten, a look at the year ahead reveals a lot of sequels and 3-dimensional motion pictures on the horizon. I hear you saying, isn’t every year the year of the sequel? That’s true, horror franchises are bad for that, see Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, but it’s done for obvious reasons – even Speed 2 turned a profit. They cover all demographics too: the kiddies get to see a few animated franchises take another kick at the can, like Cars and Kung Fu Panda; older kids gets get to watch Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film; young teenagers (well everybody, including me) get to watch the final Harry Potter film; teenagers and adults alike get to watch a sequel to The Hangover. Hollywood’s heavy hitters are also getting behind 3-D, Stephen Spielberg, who hasn’t directed a film since Munich will do an animated version of Tin Tin, Scorcese will be doing an adaptation of The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Two names that lend more credibility to the 3-D movie than, say, the latest installment of Saw does. Michael Bay will bridge the gap between these two trends, directing the 3-D sequel Transformers: Dark of the Moon. So enjoy both trends, new and old.

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