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First Birthday

“You forgot your birthday again Frank.” Classic line from Old School – click here for the clip. Well, so a year passing isn’t such a big deal for a blog but still it’s nice to say that after after more than 365 days and over 70 posts this train is still chugging along. Admittedly the [...]

The Dark Knight Rises Casting Decisions

Batman 3 has a name and it’s called The Dark Knight Rises. Not necessarily the title for the final installment of a series, a title that implies something of an origin story, despite the fact we saw the beginning in, well, Batman Begins. Don’t be deterred, director Christopher Nolan is a master at manipulating a [...]

Arnold is Back! The Governator and Possible Films

After his seven year run as Governor of the ungovernable state (California), the last action hero is ready to get back on the silverscreen. His last starring role in the third installment of the Terminator series in 2003 was a big hit. He’s already signed on in a comic book and animated version of himself, [...]