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The Dark Side of Popular Advertising

Support CO2 emissions cuts, you must. The automaker Volkswagen had a successful advertising spot turn on them. Most people are familiar with the spot that ran during the superbowl, with a mini Darth Vader running around his house, trying to use the force. Now, Greenpeace has used it against them, in what is a very [...]

Hangover Part II Review – Spoiler Alert

I have marked some spoilers in this article, but I wonder if the first film will carry the same alert for the sequel. Ha-bloody-ha. Yes it’s true, the films are very much alike, and The Hangover Part II has taken a lot of heat from critics for essentially being the same as the original, just [...]

NME’s Short Schrift for This Modern Glitch

Again I hate to deviate from the world of film, but I just couldn’t get over Barry Nicolson’s review of the new Wombat’s album. You don’t have to read it, it’s short schrift to what is, in my opinion, a great album. You can dislike an album, but don’t base your opinion on your own [...]