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The Thing 2011 Preview

Often the most frustrating things about previews is the fact that often, the releases being promoted aren’t exactly around the corner. Take the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, from the last post – that movie isn’t coming out for another year, assuming everything goes to plan. In December of last year, after watching a documentary [...]

Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Leak

Hardly a day after showcasing the upcoming box office battle, the caped crusader takes a swing. In a sly move the teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises was screened in the previews for the new Harry Potter film. In the aforementioned article I said that Harry Potter has a more [...]

Harry Potter vs. Batman: Blockbuster Battle

The origin of the word “blockbuster” – or etymology if you want to be all fancy – is uncertain, it could originate from bombs dropped during the Second World War that could destroy entire city blocks or it could refer to how a show in a particular theatre was so successful it would cause all [...]