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The Thing 2011 – Preview to a Review

I’ve noticed a lot of trafic hitting the site for people looking for a review of this film, I haven’t seen it, because it doesn’t come out in Germany until the 17th of November – it opened a month ago in the U.S. Because I’m so excited for this film I had considered watching a [...]

Seth Meyer, Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black & Pulling Punches

Seth Meyer, Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black are all talented comedians who have hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Meyers most recently, in an article I stumbled upon, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee’s news leader, refers to the fact that when Colbert and Black hosted the event, the pulled punches to cater to their audience: [...]

Read This or You’ll Die

Bloggers or news people working in online media will know that having a striking title is important, when competing for the readers attention your title is often the teaser that gets the coveted click – or not. As a result, blog posts and new articles often make a profound statement – promising wild and or [...]