Welcome to movieblaster.cc!

What is this place?

It’s a movie blog – with film reviews, previews, suggestions, tips and the like. If you’re interested in contributing, send me an e-mail.

What’s with the .cc?

The ‘.cc’ stands for the Cocos or Keeling Islands, an Australian territory (this website isn’t based there). The top-level domain is also marketed as an alternative to ‘.com,’ which is convenient, because it’s near impossible to find a domain that isn’t parked. While people who sell their website domain names to larger organizations deserve some remittance parking domains and then asking for dollar amounts in excess of ten thousand dollars is questionable. In any case I don’t imagine this will start or continue a trend but if you’re not part of the solution…

The Philosopy

Perhaps philosophy is being a bit generous, but nevertheless it is an insight into the way the way films are treated in reviews on this blog. I think, first and foremost, that it’s important to remember that – be it a film, book, novel, bicycle, muffin or movie blog – it represents somebody’s work. In some cases a lot or hard work, and in the case of movies, a lot of people’s hard work. For that reason I try not to be too prejudice, heavy-handed, dismissive or pompous. That being said, there’s no harm in criticism and if anything is criticized it’s only because we (everybody) love movies and want to see them get better.

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