Interview with Tucker Tooley

This interview with the Co-Director of Relativity Media is an unusually candid tale of how his career as a producer dveloped in Hollywood. Tooley was instrumental turning the Relativity from a production company into a fully-fledged studio developing, producing, acquiring and distributing 8-10 films per year. During his tenure, Tooley has managed the creative team [...]

Goon Film Review

Beat the winter blues (to a bloody pulp) It’s cold season and I myself have been under the weather. For anyone suffering from the same wintry blues, doctors recommend lots of fluid, rest and vitamin-rich foods – and if you’re looking speed your recovery you can watch the film Goon, the minor-leauge hockey comedy will [...]

Intouchables Film Review

I’ll admit, when I first read the synopsis for this film warning signs starting flashing. The storyline, a poor immigrant from the Paris suburbs takes on a job caring for a wealthy quadriplegic – please. I do not want to see a preachy pity-parade with the standard bromance storyline. I should qualify that statement. I [...]

Dark Knight Rises Prologue & Recap

There is a lot of news coming out of Gotham city these days, even with the premiere more than 6 months away. Recently the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises was shown to journalists and bloggers, with reactions being mostly positive – which is impressive, considering director Christopher Nolan set the bar high, introducing Heath [...]

Lament for a Wall Street Protest

In the last couple of weeks, the Occupy Wall Street protests have been broken up in New York City and elsewhere – students in California braving batons and pepper spray in truly disturbing clashes with campus police. Despite their staying power – after almost two months the news media is tired of reporting on them [...]

New Bond Film Called Skyfall

At a press conference in London a lot of details for the new Bond film were confirmed. It will be the 23rd of the franchise and will mark the 50th anniversary of the series. The name of the new film – a poorly kept secret – will be Skyfall. Daniel Craig reprising the role of [...]

Best Poker Movies of the Last Decade (Or So)

If you browse around on the net and look for a list of the best poker movies, you’ll find that everyone has a different list. Most contain the classics like The Sting, The Cincinatti Kid and Maverick which are well-known. Those films and the others occupying the top ten are often a little dated, I [...]

The Thing 2011 – Preview to a Review

I’ve noticed a lot of trafic hitting the site for people looking for a review of this film, I haven’t seen it, because it doesn’t come out in Germany until the 17th of November – it opened a month ago in the U.S. Because I’m so excited for this film I had considered watching a [...]

Seth Meyer, Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black & Pulling Punches

Seth Meyer, Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black are all talented comedians who have hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Meyers most recently, in an article I stumbled upon, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee’s news leader, refers to the fact that when Colbert and Black hosted the event, the pulled punches to cater to their audience: [...]

Read This or You’ll Die

Bloggers or news people working in online media will know that having a striking title is important, when competing for the readers attention your title is often the teaser that gets the coveted click – or not. As a result, blog posts and new articles often make a profound statement – promising wild and or [...]