It was the Blurst of Times

A programmer in the US is using Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing system in order to prove the infinite monkey theorem. If you’re like me (and I sincerely hope you’re not), you’ve heard of this not because you have a deep love for and understanding of probability theory but because of references from The Simpsons. I [...]

The Three Musketeers: Made in Germany

Bernd would have been proud. The premier of the latest adaptation of The Three Musketeers is a milestone in the development of the film market in Germany. While the country has been the backdrop for numerous Hollywood-productions of late, such as: Valkyrie, The Reader, and Inglourious Basterds, the new 100 million dollar production price tag [...]

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011 Trailer

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are scoring the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The last time these two collaborated with director David Fincher they won an Oscar for The Social Network. The film also stars Christopher Plummer and Stellan Skarsgard. A long story short, it’s shaping up to be a slick film. [...]

The Thing 2011 Preview

Often the most frustrating things about previews is the fact that often, the releases being promoted aren’t exactly around the corner. Take the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, from the last post – that movie isn’t coming out for another year, assuming everything goes to plan. In December of last year, after watching a documentary [...]

Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Leak

Hardly a day after showcasing the upcoming box office battle, the caped crusader takes a swing. In a sly move the teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises was screened in the previews for the new Harry Potter film. In the aforementioned article I said that Harry Potter has a more [...]

Harry Potter vs. Batman: Blockbuster Battle

The origin of the word “blockbuster” – or etymology if you want to be all fancy – is uncertain, it could originate from bombs dropped during the Second World War that could destroy entire city blocks or it could refer to how a show in a particular theatre was so successful it would cause all [...]

The Dark Side of Popular Advertising

Support CO2 emissions cuts, you must. The automaker Volkswagen had a successful advertising spot turn on them. Most people are familiar with the spot that ran during the superbowl, with a mini Darth Vader running around his house, trying to use the force. Now, Greenpeace has used it against them, in what is a very [...]

Hangover Part II Review – Spoiler Alert

I have marked some spoilers in this article, but I wonder if the first film will carry the same alert for the sequel. Ha-bloody-ha. Yes it’s true, the films are very much alike, and The Hangover Part II has taken a lot of heat from critics for essentially being the same as the original, just [...]

NME’s Short Schrift for This Modern Glitch

Again I hate to deviate from the world of film, but I just couldn’t get over Barry Nicolson’s review of the new Wombat’s album. You don’t have to read it, it’s short schrift to what is, in my opinion, a great album. You can dislike an album, but don’t base your opinion on your own [...]

Obama Kills… at the Correspondents’ Dinner

A little over a week ago President Obama absolutely wiped the floor with the celebrities and media pesonalities gathered for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, a story that got buried after Osama bin Laden got buried – well shot in the head and buried at sea. The day before, armed with media props and a [...]