Black Death Review

Black Death Film ReviewFor anyone excited to see Sean Bean once again don the chain mail in a medieval adventure film à la Lord of the Rings, be warned that his isn’t the adventure film you might expect, and his character Ulric is a litte more burdened, or haunted, than Boromir. A monk (Eddie Redmayne) volunteers to help Ulric and his motley crew of warriors find a village unscathed by the Bubonic plague. There is rumour of hedonism and a necromancer, capable of bringing the dead back to life – obviously the Bishop can’t have any of that, and it’s off with his head! Well, actually, they brought a contraption that will slice a man “from his asshole to his apple,” but you get the idea. When they finally reach the small Jonestown like village, they don’t come out with all guns blazing. In fact what appears a dark and spooky adventure film turns end up as more of a horror flick and religious polemic – instead of a final battle it’s a series of tortures interspersed with an existential debate about God. I still enjoyed it – I’ll watch a sabred Sean Bean kick ass and take names any day.

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