Casting Call for the Hobbit: Why Not Ian Holm?

After a rough start things are finally coming together for the release of The Hobbit. Bilbo, the main character in this prelude to The Lord of the Rings has been cast. Ian Holm did a tremendous job and would have been in Del Toro’s picture, apparently, but the role went to Martin Freeman, who reckons he can do a good Ian Holm. Although Freeman can maybe pass as a younger version of his predecessor, isn’t it possible to do some Hollywood magic on old Homesy boy. A Google search with the terms freeman, holm, bilbo and bullshit reveals a number of individuals with the same view. After all they did it for Wayne and Garth, Magneto and Xavier (sorry no link – just wath the opening of X-Men: The Last Stand). I’m sure Freeman will do a good job though, I guess you can’t have your main character with an odd sheen on his face for the entire film. Regardless, it looks like Bloom, Blanchett, McKellan, Serkis and Weaving will likely all make a return. To be quite honest I’m quite excited about this film (err films). Unfortunately once I finish reading a book I almost immediately forget what was in it – a good reason to cram the night before – but since I read this books ages ago I don’t remember much, other than the basic story arch and the fact that it was spectactular. Despite the modest size of The Hobbit in comparison to its sequels, there is certainly enough material to fill out two films. But let’s be honest, they could have made a trilogy for each LOTR book. It’s an exciting new story, combined with the benefit of nostalgia, familiar names and faces. One face will sadly be missing, however.

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