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Goon Film Review

Beat the winter blues (to a bloody pulp) It’s cold season and I myself have been under the weather. For anyone suffering from the same wintry blues, doctors recommend lots of fluid, rest and vitamin-rich foods – and if you’re looking speed your recovery you can watch the film Goon, the minor-leauge hockey comedy will [...]

Intouchables Film Review

I’ll admit, when I first read the synopsis for this film warning signs starting flashing. The storyline, a poor immigrant from the Paris suburbs takes on a job caring for a wealthy quadriplegic – please. I do not want to see a preachy pity-parade with the standard bromance storyline. I should qualify that statement. I [...]

The Thing 2011 – Preview to a Review

I’ve noticed a lot of trafic hitting the site for people looking for a review of this film, I haven’t seen it, because it doesn’t come out in Germany until the 17th of November – it opened a month ago in the U.S. Because I’m so excited for this film I had considered watching a [...]

Hangover Part II Review – Spoiler Alert

I have marked some spoilers in this article, but I wonder if the first film will carry the same alert for the sequel. Ha-bloody-ha. Yes it’s true, the films are very much alike, and The Hangover Part II has taken a lot of heat from critics for essentially being the same as the original, just [...]

If Only It Were Fiction…

It has all the makings of a good political thriller, and a tragic comedy, but unfortunately the characters and plot of Inside Job are all real. I think the largest challenge a filmmaker tackling an actual political scandal has, is parsing a great deal of information into a concise narrative that’s true to the story [...]

Joe Wilson's War or: Much Ado About Aluminum Tubes

I love political thrillers. Well in this case, “thriller” is being a bit generous, it’s more of a drama, the numerous shots of Sean Penn and Naomi Watts watching news clips in airports isn’t exactly edge of your seat action and suspense. Not to sell this film short, Valeria Plame is quite the femme fatale. [...]

Due Date Review

Oh sweet bromance. Due Date stars Robert Downey Jr. as a successful architect named Peter Highman and Zach Galifianakis as Ethan Tremblay, who is an aspiring actor and complete idiot. The two are forced to share a car on a cross country road trip after the Ethan’s antics gets them both on the no-fly list, [...]

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Audiences and critics are split over Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Detractors complain that it was a missed opportunity, or too complicated and lacking direction. One reviewer lamented that the old Gordon Gekko would have torn up this movie, and that this film would have doesn’t capture the zeitgeist the way the original did, [...]

Black Death Review

For anyone excited to see Sean Bean once again don the chain mail in a medieval adventure film à la Lord of the Rings, be warned that his isn’t the adventure film you might expect, and his character Ulric is a litte more burdened, or haunted, than Boromir. A monk (Eddie Redmayne) volunteers to help [...]

Mr. Stallone Goes to Berlin: The Expendables at the Sony Center

On a very successful promotional tour, director, writer and star Stallone stepped in for Jason Statham when the latter was asked to freestyle, without missing a beat he let out „Rap, rap, rap so fine, miss a word, and your little ass is mine,” to the beatboxing being performed by audience member or “jorunalist”. I [...]