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The Comedy Grindhouse

A while back I had to come up with a cute, short tagline for my site. I didn’t know what to write so in an attempt at humour I mentioned the fact that I’d sit through any movie, except Druids, which was awful. It turns out I lied – I stopped watching Epic Movie halfway [...]

New Kubrick Posters, The Many Faces of Alan Rickman & More Eye Candy

A day late, a buck short, this update to the Cinescape (think of it as StumbleUpon for the movie buffs) is coming in just over a month since it’s maiden voyage, and there’s plenty of eye candy this time ’round. For starters you can check out The Many Faces Of… A spectacular website with great [...]

A. J. Pennypacker or: How I Learned to Appreciate Peter Sellers

So it’s been a week since my last post, which is a Cardinal sin as a blogger, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active in the world of film. For one, I wrote a review of Valhalla Rising for The Critical Critics. The more observant will notice that I used a different last name [...]

Film Finders & Taste Engines

Back in March I wrote a short article about movie recommendations – anyone who has searched online knows that the ones you get from IMDB and Amazon are lousy, and film search engines are the way to go. These film finders, or perhaps more aptly put, taste engines, like the one from Jinni, allow you [...]

The Cinescape: The Good, the Bad and the Irresistible

Granted, the title sounds like the name of a bad porn movie, but you’ll see it’s very appropriate. As a movie blogger, one spends a lot of time looking at the rest of the film blogosphere, the cinematical landscape, the cinescape if you will, in an effort to stay abreast of the news, catch the [...]

Stieg Larsson, Bitch

It’s annoying when everyone starts raving about something you already discovered and have been raving about for ages. This happened to me. I was a huge Dave Chapelle fan before he got his show, I loved his stand-up but after he got famous I wanted to sack anyone who said ‘Rick James, bitch.’ So allow [...]

Space Nazis and Human Centipedes

You can find just about anything on the internet. Well you already knew that, but the barriers to entry on the internet are much lower than, let’s say, for a motion picture or a book, which means any schmuck with an e-mail address can start a blog and throw in their two cents (i.e. me). [...]

This is Personal

This post is a little more personal than rest, and perhaps should have been my first post – you know, as a kind of introduction. I basically set this thing up and just started rattling out reviews and whatever else caught my attention. But here’s my attempt at distinguishing this blog from the millions of [...]

Film Finding – Movie Recommendations Done Differently

For anyone that has been on the Internet Movie Database or Amazon looking for films similar to ones they like, they’re usually disappointed or often times baffled. Now there is a solution, maybe.