Due Date Review

Oh sweet bromance. Due Date stars Robert Downey Jr. as a successful architect named Peter Highman and Zach Galifianakis as Ethan Tremblay, who is an aspiring actor and complete idiot. The two are forced to share a car on a cross country road trip after the Ethan’s antics gets them both on the no-fly list, which technically isn’t a plot device but a distinct possbility and sad reality for some. In any case, the two set out from Atlanta to L. A. and it’s clear from the get go that these polar opposites aren’t going to get along. What happens over the course of the next few days and thousands of miles is a lot of outrageous shenanigans heavy on toilet humour, bad language and worse behaviour. Ethan stupidity is countered by Peter’s violent rage – the mix doesn’t produce a lot of high minded humour or poignant cultural references, but it is raunchy, and hilarious. While some of it is over the top and violent, it is nonetheless somewhat clever. At one point Peter is looking after kids while Ethan is buying pot. One of the kids throws a toy and hits him square in the face, and then continues to get on his nervesby hitting him and pulling his tie. How does one deal with a child who thinks he can get away with anything? Well one might expect for an upstanding man like Highman to deal him an intellectual blow but instead punches him in the stomach. That might nor sit well with some people but others enjoy that edgy kind of humour. While it is original, there are, as would be expected, parallels to The Hangover. Nevertheless for anyone looking to turn off their brain and work their face muscles this film is sure to entertain.

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  1. Great details of the film – it looks like a fun and as you describe “turn off your brain and work your face muscles” kind of film and obviously there had to be direct connections with The Hangover given Zack and the filmmakers of both films. I really enjoyed the trailer for all these reasons but will most likely wait and rent it as I can’t imagine anything being enhanced on the big screen.

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    • A. J.

       /  November 11, 2010

      Depends on your set up. I saw it in a small theatre with a crappy sound system – but then again the atmosphere in theatres for these kinds of movies can make the difference – which also helps you take your critical guard down a little.

  2. How could you not point out the Plane Trains & Automobiles connection? A little too similar if you ask me, but maybe that’s what they were going for.


    • A. J.

       /  December 5, 2010

      The unlikely friends routine is pretty common in comedy, Dinner for Schmucks most recently. But that’s true, it is very similar, without necessarily paying tribute.


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