Fourth Stieg Larsson Book is Actually Fifth

It’s a very tragic and ironic twist of fate that some great artists never get to enjoy (nor reap the financial benefit) of their fame, Phlip K. Dick and Vincent Van Gogh come to my mind. Stieg Larsson certainly counts among them, although I don’t think he was living hand-to-mouth. Nevertheless it’s a travesty that he didn’t get to enjoy his success, and for his fans, well, we would have been interested in the conclusion to his ten part series. Only three books have been published and the existence of a fourth manuscript was well-known. However the BBC, erroneously referring to the Milennium trilogy as the “Girl with the Dragon series” (come on guys, really?), reported that the fourth Manuscript is actually the fifth book in the series. Apparently Stieg told his younger brother Joakim that the book was nearly finished and that it was finished out of sequence because it was more fun to write. In any case, no word on whether or not it will be published anytime soon. As previously reported, only remakes of Millennium are in the works.

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