Goon Film Review

Beat the winter blues (to a bloody pulp)

It’s cold season and I myself have been under the weather. For anyone suffering from the same wintry blues, doctors recommend lots of fluid, rest and vitamin-rich foods – and if you’re looking speed your recovery you can watch the film Goon, the minor-leauge hockey comedy will get your lungs going and loosen the phlegm in your bronchial tubes – though the cough-laughing might annoy the people around you. The benchmark for all hockey-related comedies is Slapshot, and you can think of Goon as a combination of said film and The Passion of the Christ. I would have said 300 but the beating, bludgeoning, slashing, etc. Sean William Scott’s character Doug Glatt endures is pure, bloody torture. Like our Lord and Saviour Dougie sacrifices himself willingly for the greater good, thereby setting an example. But the broken cheek bones and blood stained ice shouldn’t detract from the fact that this films is pretty funny – it’s not very intelligent humour but it has some dandy one-liners. Be it following a brutal rendition of the Canadian national anthem or a dust-up on the ice everyone has got a great quip. My favourite line: “If I want any lip from you I’ll rattle my zipper”, and my favourite sign held by a fan “Glatt is Hebrew for ‘Fuck You’”. It’s dirty, low-brow humour – but it’s also a good look into the the goon business in hockey – something that’s actually been a contentious issue the last few years in professional hockey. It’s got the laughs that The Love Guru should have had – but too many fucks, shits and simulated masturbation to be a Mike Myers film – okay his films have plenty of the latter. Liev Schreiber does a fantastic job and gives the film an interesting edge.


4/5 stars

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