Hangover Part II Review – Spoiler Alert

I have marked some spoilers in this article, but I wonder if the first film will carry the same alert for the sequel. Ha-bloody-ha. Yes it’s true, the films are very much alike, and The Hangover Part II has taken a lot of heat from critics for essentially being the same as the original, just set in a more exotic location. But since it’s money that talks, you can chalk it up to a success, the film has become the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time. There are some legendary laughs but the creators relied more heavily on shock and awe that clever, situational comedy. My cheeks were still hurting leaving the film, and the mark of any good comedy is that, years on, you can think about a funny part and still chuckle to yourself – I thought about the the Sloppy Joes bit in Billy Madison had a laugh attack during a math test one time – what to others probably looked more like temporary insanity than a magic movie moment being relived. For me, my favourite part is right at the start (spoiler alert!) when Chow gets them psyched and is about to tell them the craziest story they’ve ever heard, takes a hit and keels forward, smashing his face on the table unconscious (spoiler over). There are plenty of simply hilarious moments, but I don’t see why the makers of this film didn’t shake up the storyline a little bit, obviously it was going to be similar, but they could have shaken up a few plot elements to make it familliar but somewhat new experience. For instance (spoiler again) Allan is again the culprit, having drugged the hapless foursome. It’s kind of the premise and I’m sure they could have thought of a number of alternative ways for everyone to get so bamboozled that they blackout and don’t remember anything. In any case, it was still thoroughly enjoyable, and there is a story arch for Stu, that makes sense and plays well. So saddle up for some raunchiness and get your ass to the theatre.

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