Harry Potter vs. Batman: Blockbuster Battle

The origin of the word “blockbuster” – or etymology if you want to be all fancy – is uncertain, it could originate from bombs dropped during the Second World War that could destroy entire city blocks or it could refer to how a show in a particular theatre was so successful it would cause all other theatres on the block to go out of business, or bust. This weekend it refers to the cloaked and wanded masses lining up day and night to see the third installment of the Harry Potter series this past weekend. The $168,6 million the show pulled in on its opening weekend beat the previous record holder The Dark Knight ($158 million). The 3D  surcharge will have helped a bit, but the caped crusader could get the last laugh, as the third and final installment is yet to be released.  Harry might have the upper hand, however – demographics are on his side: Potter plays to all audiences, young and old. Christopher Nolan’s darker Batman series might give the kiddies too many nightmares. Additionally, the popular book series seems to inspire a broader, more devout following. Then again, Batman is simply bad-ass.

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