Hereafter Preview

If last month was John Malkovich Appreciation Month, then this month belongs to Clint Eastwood. One of Hollywood’s most accomplished film makers has released a film entitled Hereafter. The story deals with mortality and the afterlife and the film stars Matt Damon.

I don’t mind drama but something that is sure to be so emotionally heavy is not normally something I am attracted to. However modern film finders have been as much a blessing as a curse in that I have too many films I’d like to watch, and lately I’ve been catching up on Dirty Harry and other films from later in Eastwood’s career. In any event I like films in which he is directing, and he is at the helm for this picture which means it should be both entertaining and poignant. Unfortunately it’s not likely we’ll get to see Eastwood on the other side of the camera, but it’s not ruled out either. In any case his directing is reason enough to see this film, in my opinion.

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