Interview with Tucker Tooley

This interview with the Co-Director of Relativity Media is an unusually candid tale of how his career as a producer dveloped in Hollywood. Tooley was instrumental turning the Relativity from a production company into a fully-fledged studio developing, producing, acquiring and distributing 8-10 films per year. During his tenure, Tooley has managed the creative team while overseeing the recent production of Immortals, the 3-D epic adventure from the producers of 300 and acclaimed director Tarsem Singh, who is also directing Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts. For anyone looking to “make it” in Hollywood, Tooley’s word of wisdom, “persistence” seems to be common. It reminded me of Julian Clarke, the editor who won an Oscar for his work on District 9. His advice to up and comers was to do as much work as you can, regardless of the pay. Also, the story of how Sam Worthington was living in his car before getting his big break by starring in the film Avatar is something of legend – although he was successful in Australia prior to his move to the States.

The interview is the latest in a string taken by ArcLight Cinemas, which in addition to providing a unique and better viewing experience – with assigned seating, less advertisements, disruptions – also has interviews with interesting people in the film business, sometimes after a screening.

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