Jackson Back in the Saddle

Barely had I written about how The Hobbit needs a director, about the hype surrounding about the possibility of Neill Blomkamp directing, only to be blown out of the water the very next day. It turns out that Peter Jackson will answer the call, again, maybe. I share the same sentiment as Peter Hall, getting Jackson to direct again is too safe a bet, and I don’t think Jackson is thrilled about it either. His success with the Lord of the Rings films earned him a license to do what he wants, and I for one, wanted to see what he could do with other projects, when given the financial backing to turn his vision into reality. Should this deal happen, those things will be pushed back another few years. I also want to see another director’s take, this was never going to be a huge departure from the previous films, since Del Toro was under Jackson’s tutelage, but there certainly would have been (and still may be) an opportunity to offer something different, to build a little extra excitement at the prospect of director perhaps new to the wizard and goblin game. Fans have already read the book, and they’ve already seen Jackson’s interpretation; I fear it would be nothing more than a sound adaptation, rather than a new adventure. Z3EVENFPQFWV

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