Lament for a Bond Film

I filed this under news but anyone who actually reads the news will already know that Bond 23 has been put on ice due to the uncertainty surrounding MGM’s future.

That’s not the only reason to be singing the Bond blues, however. Aparrently this will be last curtain call for Dame Judi Dench as ‘M,’ whenever the film gets made. She got started in Goldeneye, which was also Pierce Brosnan’s debut, and has been the staple of the series ever since, starring in the subsequent reboot with Daniel Craig. The title of this post is overdramatic, of course there will be another Bond movie; MGM has a lot of good titles on the shelf and others still to be shot, a deal will be made and Bond will return, it’s a just a question of time. Nevertheless it puts everything into question, Sam Mendes was supposed to direct and Rachel Weisz was being considered as the villain and mastermind behind Quantum.

It seemed all the pieces were in place but alas we’ll likely have to wait until well beyond the already not so near release date of 2012. It’s really a shame because the series was just starting to take off; Q and Moneypenny would likely have been brought into the mix. Speaking of the former, I would love to see John Cleese fully take over as Q. However, someone floated the idea of Billy Connolly and I think his Scottish temperament would be a good check against the still up and coming double-0-agent. I’m torn, but I’ve got time to mull it over, as do the producers.

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