New Kubrick Posters, The Many Faces of Alan Rickman & More Eye Candy

faces of alan rickmanA day late, a buck short, this update to the Cinescape (think of it as StumbleUpon for the movie buffs) is coming in just over a month since it’s maiden voyage, and there’s plenty of eye candy this time ’round. For starters you can check out The Many Faces Of… A spectacular website with great graphics and storylines. The best actors are able to adopt different accents, personalities and dispositions, as such it’s fitting that the first tribute is to Alan Rickman, one of the most talented and diverse actors around, as a villain a “bastard coated bastard with bastard filling,” you too can become an all-round evil nemesis, you need to get an adversary though (follow the step by step guide). Next we have the minimalist (like the design of this website, well, somewhat) tribute to Stanley Kubrick. I found this shortly after writing an article about Peter Sellers and the Dr. Strangelove poster would have been appropriate. In case you missed it, the trailer for Sucker Punch, the latest film from visual master Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) was released at Comic-Con. Last but not least, Anthony Hopkins is going to play Odin in Marvel’s Thor, everyone looks good in a breast plate – I expect this interpretation of Odin will be simpler than that of Valhalla Rising.

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