No Joker in Batman 3

Unlike those bumbling idiots who wrote Lost, it appears the upcoming Batman film is drawing towards a well-constructed and properly thought out conclusion. The last report on the Batman 3 confirmed Christopher Nolan’s involvement, he and his brother apparently know how the story will end, and in a recent interview with Empire magazine, he also flatly denied the possibility of the Joker returning in the next sequel. It’s a shame, rumourrs had been swirling that a recast Joker would mastermind some evil plot from a Lecter-like cell in Arkham – but it was probably never on the table, given how Heath Ledger gave an unforgettable performance. Enough has been said about it, but his second entrance (the disappearing pencil) and his reaction when one of his henchmen gets electrocuted by Batman’s suit – effing genius. Anyways, Nolan is apparently not 100% committed to direct – I wonder if it has to do with the rumour that Christian Bale said he wouldn’t return if he does – but I’m sure he’ll be behind the camera, or somewhere near the set. We’ve got time to speculate, the new film is expected in summer of 2012, so I’ll throw up a feature button for Batman 3 and keep an eye on the rumour mill. Who would you like to see play the villain in the next sequel?

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  1. Jimbo

     /  June 10, 2010

    Which actor or which character? :) Robert Downey Jr. as the Riddler!

    • A. J.

       /  June 11, 2010

      Both, as you have done. :D Downey Jr. would make a good villain in my mind, unlikely candidate though, he’s already a superhero. :D More than likely if it’s that character, it’ll be Johnny Depp, although I see him playing a darker villain, not some kind of eccentric trickster, but then again I wasn’t sure about Ledger as the Joker (how wrong was I?).

  2. The list of Batman villains is quite long, and I don’t think we should choose any that have already been used in a movie before. With such an extensive list to choose from, why stop at just one? Why not make a movie that showcases multiple villains from the classic comics? I’m not a huge fan of the comic, but am of the movie franchise. I like the fact that they stay true to the comic and would enjoy it more if there were more than just one “super villain” to worry about. Reference: Oh, and that Lost comment was out of line, sir. Take it back! Trust me, if you watch the show a second time, knowing what you know now, you will.

    • A. J.

       /  June 28, 2010

      This is true, in the last film though they had three villains, Sal Maroni, Two Face and The Joker, but you’re right the latter was obviously the “super villain.” Nolan is pretty crafty I’m sure there will be more than one baddy in the limelight, there’s certainly enough to choose from. I’ll retract the Lost comment, and save for a long list of reasons the final season sucked, I look forward to that argument with you :) .

  3. I believe there is a rumor that joseph gordon levitt will play the riddler, I think that would be quite a good choice.

  4. A. J.

     /  July 7, 2010

    Levitt is very unassuming and the role would be a challenge for him but I think he’s a very professional actor, I’d be interested to see what he could come up with. I’m going to dig into this further thanks for the tip Adam.

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