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Back in April I’d written a post about a documentary premiering in Europe, Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space, I had expressed frustration that documentaries are extremely difficult to get a hold of, even in this day and age, but this particular film is now widely available online. The documentary is very well done, director Denis Delestrac covers a lot of ground in a short period of time, making a clear and concise argument against the weaponization of space. Current and former employees of the U.S. government and armed forces are featured in interviews along with personalities as diverse as Noam Chomsky and Martin Sheen. Most warn against an escalation in the race for the ultimate high ground, since the possiblity of human error, terrorism or war could lead to a global meltdown, an ice age or a whole lot of space junk floating around our planet (making future explorations difficult). Nevertheless the domination of space is key to the American advantage in geopolitics, and it would certainly set a historical precendent if a superpower were to jeopardize its own position. More specifically: if a treaty were signed to ban the weaponization of space, the Americans run the risk of another nation developing the means to destroy satellites, and subsequently putting not only their armed forces but the entire world economy. But should the American have the monopoly on this power? It’s unlikely that other nations will let that happen. It’s a classic chicken and egg dilemma, the only possible saving grace, as Joseph Cirincione points out, is that satellite launches are very easy to monitor, and if anyone were developing those kinds of weapons, we would find out. The film has lots of production value and it’s informative and entertaining at the same time. Amon Tobin provides a sci-fi, doom and gloom score to add a punctuation mark to the words of caution from the industry experts. It’s definitely worth a look. What did you think of it?

Original Post from April 5th, 2010:

Yet again I’ve decided to highlight a documentary on this movie blog. I recently wrote a short post about a John le Carré documentary premiering in Montréal. I wanted to highlight one of my favourite authors and influences on the film business, and for the same reason I’m writing about Pax Americana. There’s no one author in the spotlight, rather it concerns the weaponization of space, and presents the space beyond the atmosphere surrounding our planet as the next frontier and battlefield. From secret moon bases to satellites carrying nuclear warheads, film has also dealt with the deadly space race and it will interesting to see how this is really taking shape.

After Hitler’s V2 rocket the outer reaches the world’s major powers haven’t looked back, and today there are about 1000 satellites in orbit. This documentary should be good because it offers insights from actual U.S. military personnel, analysts and activists about the control of space and what it means for world diplomacy (as opposed to the crackpot conspiracy films you find when looking for this documentary online). Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space has been getting a lot of attention at film festivals in Paris, Amsterdam, Montréal and elsewhere and is supposed to be opening up in theatres across Europe and North America this year, but like most good documentaries, they are scant on concrete details and are hard to get a hold of, regardless of when they were released. There are a number of documentaries I’d be willing to pay money for, in order to watch or own, preferably online and there is really no excuse for why that’s not possible in this day and age. It’s BS but if you know of any good resources, for God’s sake let me know.

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  1.‘s done it once again. Great article!

  2. Jimbo

     /  September 8, 2010

    Finally saw this documentary. A Pax Americana is a little alarmist, the argument is well presented but you get the impression that a space war is imminent, and space junk will make future exploration of outer space impossible. But if the goal was to wake people up to threat, a job well done.

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