Pax Americana Review

It seems I was a little hasty in expressing my frustration with the lack of acess to documentaries. It turns out that one I was looking to see and that had been premiering since last year was only released this month in theatres. Nevertheless I’ve updated an old post and included a short review of the Pax Americana Documentary. The film explores the fight for the ultimate high ground and it it presents a series of interviews mixed with historical and original footage. The backdrops for the interviews are as diverse as the interviewees, ranging from Chomsky to Sheen, and barn doors to book cases. You don’t have to be a political buff to enjoy this, it’s entertaining and well presented. In my review of Green Zone I had mentioned how you have to stand in awe of the American’s agile military machine, they’ve have been refining their methods since the first Gulf war and due to their satellite technology they are able to achieve unprecedented coordination of land, sea and air forces. As such, they have the most to lose and will go to great lengths to protect their strategic advantage.

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