Read This or You’ll Die

Bloggers or news people working in online media will know that having a striking title is important, when competing for the readers attention your title is often the teaser that gets the coveted click – or not. As a result, blog posts and new articles often make a profound statement – promising wild and or life-changing information presented in an easily digestible format. Some examples might be, “10 Reasons to Quit Your Job” or “Why I’m Dropping the iPhone, and Never Going Back”. Oh la la, do tell. These irresistible intros result in a lot of wasted time surfing the net and also a kind of arms race where mild or otherwise less interesting content is beefed up a bit. CNN does this. Anyone who has spent time on the couch channel surfing in the hours on the other side of prime time will be very familiar with this news organization. I was on their site and saw a video with the title “Lewis Black’s graphic on-set meltdown”, intrigued I continued to read the tagline, which read “Lewis Black stops his interview with HLN’s Joy Behar after becoming disgusted by the words across the screen.” Lewis Black is a very funny comedian known for his temper, it’s part of his act, so if this was true I was expecting a breakdown of Charlie Sheen proportions. But in the end, lewis Black was just making fun of the fact that the tagline at the bottom of th screen read “It’s Black Jack”, and how the cutesy subtitles aren’t funny, they’re just stupid. Even if you don’t know Lewis Black and his style you wouldn’t call his reaction a meltdown. Even their blog post writes about how it’s unaired footage, you can watch it here – but I wouldn’t. Now, you’re probably wondering how reading this will save your life, well for that you’ll have to tune in next week…

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