Similar Film Finder – Stop Search and Start Finding

Most movie fans will admit to having spent way too much time at the video store or online looking for a good film they’d like to watch (and that they haven’t seen already). Often times you’ve just seen a wicked movie and loved something about it and would like to see more set in that time, place, or with a similar plot – but despite Hollywood’s best efforts, not every good film gets a sequel, a trilogy, or quadrilogy for that matter. Sequels aside, there is an answer for anyone looking for more cinematic experiences, and it’s a similar film finder, or taste engine. My list of movies to watch is quite long, but I made the mistake of hopping on and I ended up with a slew of films I’d now like to watch. There are a few ways to go about finding a recommendation, but essentially you descrive those aspects you’re looking for, from time and place to plot and mood. The other more traditional way is looking for films similar to one you like. Unlike Amazon or IMDB these are good recommendations, even it means the films are a bit older or in a foreign language. You’re certain to find hidden gems, I discovered Archangel, a BBC adaptation of a Robert Harris novel, a great writer of political thrillers. Interesting note: One of the characters is seen reading another political thriller by author Frederick Forsyth, also dealing with post-Communist Russia. In any event, use the finder, but be warned, you might go from being stuck finding something to watch to having a great of homework. Enjoy.

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