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Dark Knight Rises Prologue & Recap

There is a lot of news coming out of Gotham city these days, even with the premiere more than 6 months away. Recently the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises was shown to journalists and bloggers, with reactions being mostly positive – which is impressive, considering director Christopher Nolan set the bar high, introducing Heath [...]

New Bond Film Called Skyfall

At a press conference in London a lot of details for the new Bond film were confirmed. It will be the 23rd of the franchise and will mark the 50th anniversary of the series. The name of the new film – a poorly kept secret – will be Skyfall. Daniel Craig reprising the role of [...]

Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Leak

Hardly a day after showcasing the upcoming box office battle, the caped crusader takes a swing. In a sly move the teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises was screened in the previews for the new Harry Potter film. In the aforementioned article I said that Harry Potter has a more [...]

Gangster Number One

Back in 2005 the movie Layer Cake made a sleek, modern addition the British gangster crime/comedy thriller genre. Despite some time required on urban dictionary it quickly became on of my favourite films of all time. The soundtrack was bang on, the story intricate à la Lock, Stock and the cinematics slick and cool like [...]

Black Death Review

For anyone excited to see Sean Bean once again don the chain mail in a medieval adventure film à la Lord of the Rings, be warned that his isn’t the adventure film you might expect, and his character Ulric is a litte more burdened, or haunted, than Boromir. A monk (Eddie Redmayne) volunteers to help [...]

Mr. Stallone Goes to Berlin: The Expendables at the Sony Center

On a very successful promotional tour, director, writer and star Stallone stepped in for Jason Statham when the latter was asked to freestyle, without missing a beat he let out „Rap, rap, rap so fine, miss a word, and your little ass is mine,” to the beatboxing being performed by audience member or “jorunalist”. I [...]

Use Your Illusion: The Magic of Inception

There’s no point in writing a review for this film, for one it’s been out for over a week (light years on the web), and the English-speaking world is divided into those who have seen it, and those who haven’t. Suffice to say it is pretty good. Actually it is unbelievably good. It’s everything that’s [...]

RED Preview

The previews section of this site was getting, admittedly, very thin. Enter RED: Retired Extremely Dangerous, the “we ain’t too old for this shit” Bruce Willis action comedy about retired CIA agents on the run from their former employer. I’m usually quite skeptical when it comes to these kinds of nostalgia tours, but the presence [...]

The A-Team Review

I’ll be honest, the only exposure I’ve had to this television series has been with odd references, well spoofs actually, in animated series like Family Guy or the odd cameo by Mr. T – Not Another Teen Movie comes to mind: “Be the ball, and throw yourself.” Anyways, since the original series was before my [...]

No Joker in Batman 3

Unlike those bumbling idiots who wrote Lost, it appears the upcoming Batman film is drawing towards a well-constructed and properly thought out conclusion. The last report on the Batman 3 confirmed Christopher Nolan’s involvement, he and his brother apparently know how the story will end, and in a recent interview with Empire magazine, he also [...]