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Lament for a Wall Street Protest

In the last couple of weeks, the Occupy Wall Street protests have been broken up in New York City and elsewhere – students in California braving batons and pepper spray in truly disturbing clashes with campus police. Despite their staying power – after almost two months the news media is tired of reporting on them [...]

NME’s Short Schrift for This Modern Glitch

Again I hate to deviate from the world of film, but I just couldn’t get over Barry Nicolson’s review of the new Wombat’s album. You don’t have to read it, it’s short schrift to what is, in my opinion, a great album. You can dislike an album, but don’t base your opinion on your own [...]

If Only It Were Fiction…

It has all the makings of a good political thriller, and a tragic comedy, but unfortunately the characters and plot of Inside Job are all real. I think the largest challenge a filmmaker tackling an actual political scandal has, is parsing a great deal of information into a concise narrative that’s true to the story [...]

Out of Order: Gervais at the Golden Globes

After being on hiatus for the holidays I’m happy to have a good story to write about to kick off 2011, even if we’re already a few weeks in. Comedian Ricky Gervais had people squirming in their seats at the Golden Globes Sunday. Did you know they were on? I don’t follow the awards season [...]

Hobbit Racism Row

This story broke back in November, but I think it’s worth mentioning on the heels of last weeks article about the casting call for The Hobbit. Reading people’s reactions I realized that either I’m crazy, or they’re crazy. But let’s back track, for those who don’t know, a casting director put an ad in the [...]

Pipe Down! Chatter in Theatres Contributes to Global Warming

This article was originally planned to be a review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I, but I made a big mistake and saw it in a theatre here in Germany. It has nothing to do with the facility – the cinema I was at is top-notch, rather the moviegoing culture, specifically the [...]

Gangster Number One

Back in 2005 the movie Layer Cake made a sleek, modern addition the British gangster crime/comedy thriller genre. Despite some time required on urban dictionary it quickly became on of my favourite films of all time. The soundtrack was bang on, the story intricate à la Lock, Stock and the cinematics slick and cool like [...]

John Malkovich Appreciation Month

October is John Malkovich appreciation month! The decision was made after reading the list of his top 10 movies on Rotten Tomatoes, and realizing I’ve only seen 2 of the 10 films featured in the article. For some reason The Killing Fields is listed there, his role in this film is very minor, but the [...]

The Social Network, Nolan's Inception & More

After a number of weekends on the road I needed spend a day horizontal in front of the TV. I would have gone to the threatre but The Social Network doesn’t open in Germany until the 7th, alas I was left to catch up on some movie watching – although I ended up with a [...]

Similar Film Finder – Stop Search and Start Finding

Most movie fans will admit to having spent way too much time at the video store or online looking for a good film they’d like to watch (and that they haven’t seen already). Often times you’ve just seen a wicked movie and loved something about it and would like to see more set in that [...]