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If Only It Were Fiction…

It has all the makings of a good political thriller, and a tragic comedy, but unfortunately the characters and plot of Inside Job are all real. I think the largest challenge a filmmaker tackling an actual political scandal has, is parsing a great deal of information into a concise narrative that’s true to the story [...]

Pax Americana Review

It seems I was a little hasty in expressing my frustration with the lack of acess to documentaries. It turns out that one I was looking to see and that had been premiering since last year was only released this month in theatres. Nevertheless I’ve updated an old post and included a short review of [...]

Pax Americana Documentary

Back in April I’d written a post about a documentary premiering in Europe, Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space, I had expressed frustration that documentaries are extremely difficult to get a hold of, even in this day and age, but this particular film is now widely available online. The documentary is very well done, [...]

John le Carré Documentary

King of Spies is a documentary about the espionage author John le Carré. For those who don’t know him, his real name is David John Moore Cornwell, and he himself has got a very interesting back story – and he won’t even tell you about the very interesting parts.