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Harry Potter vs. Batman: Blockbuster Battle

The origin of the word “blockbuster” – or etymology if you want to be all fancy – is uncertain, it could originate from bombs dropped during the Second World War that could destroy entire city blocks or it could refer to how a show in a particular theatre was so successful it would cause all [...]

2011: The Year of 3-D and Sequels

This year is slowly but surely coming to a close. Before everyone comes out with their top tens for twenty a ten, a look at the year ahead reveals a lot of sequels and 3-dimensional motion pictures on the horizon. I hear you saying, isn’t every year the year of the sequel? That’s true, horror [...]

Pipe Down! Chatter in Theatres Contributes to Global Warming

This article was originally planned to be a review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I, but I made a big mistake and saw it in a theatre here in Germany. It has nothing to do with the facility – the cinema I was at is top-notch, rather the moviegoing culture, specifically the [...]