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The Frozen Tundra

Every once and a while it’s worth watching The Thing. I’m not a big fan of horror or gore, or space alien grossness, but for some reason, this film counts among my favourites of all time. I think I like the atmosphere, the way the story builds and the remoteness of the story’s setting, way [...]

Black Death Review

For anyone excited to see Sean Bean once again don the chain mail in a medieval adventure film à la Lord of the Rings, be warned that his isn’t the adventure film you might expect, and his character Ulric is a litte more burdened, or haunted, than Boromir. A monk (Eddie Redmayne) volunteers to help [...]

Beefing Up the Vampire Genre: Vlad the Impaler

It turns out that Robert Pattinson, (along with the British Royal Family) is related to Vlad III “The Impaler,” in the same way one in twelve men are related to Genghis Khan, is likely another reason for fans of the vampire genre to moan and groan. Pattinson features in the Twilight series, film adaptions of [...]

A Nightmare Remake, The Horror

With the new A Nightmare on Elm Street being universally panned by critics, I thought it was time for me to brush up on the horror genre and finally see the classic Wes Craven creation. The original film was released before my time but there are plenty of fans who grew up with it and, [...]

Dorian Gray Review

I know this movie has been out for a while but I only found out about it recently (it’s not out in Germany yet). I didn’t want to wait so here’s my take. The Corruption of Dorian Gray (Brief Synopsis) An impressionable young Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes) arrives in London where is he introduced to [...]

The Wolfman Review

A bloodbath in Victorian England; “The Wolfman” is more stomach-turning than bone-chilling.