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Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Leak

Hardly a day after showcasing the upcoming box office battle, the caped crusader takes a swing. In a sly move the teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises was screened in the previews for the new Harry Potter film. In the aforementioned article I said that Harry Potter has a more [...]

The Social Network, Nolan's Inception & More

After a number of weekends on the road I needed spend a day horizontal in front of the TV. I would have gone to the threatre but The Social Network doesn’t open in Germany until the 7th, alas I was left to catch up on some movie watching – although I ended up with a [...]

The Riddler: Revelations or Ridiculous Rumours?

A while back a visitor commented on the likelihood of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing The Riddler in the upcoming third installment of the Batman series. The actor featured in Christopher Nolan’s mind-blowing masterpiece, Inception. Nolan likes working with the same actors (for examples see: all of the movies Nolan has made in the last ten years), [...]

Use Your Illusion: The Magic of Inception

There’s no point in writing a review for this film, for one it’s been out for over a week (light years on the web), and the English-speaking world is divided into those who have seen it, and those who haven’t. Suffice to say it is pretty good. Actually it is unbelievably good. It’s everything that’s [...]