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Fourth Stieg Larsson Book is Actually Fifth

It’s a very tragic and ironic twist of fate that some great artists never get to enjoy (nor reap the financial benefit) of their fame, Phlip K. Dick and Vincent Van Gogh come to my mind. Stieg Larsson certainly counts among them, although I don’t think he was living hand-to-mouth. Nevertheless it’s a travesty that [...]

They Don't Have to Remake Millenium

I didn’t think that I’d be writing about Bond 23 and the Millenium trilogy at the same time but it turns out that Daniel Craig has signed on to play Mikael Blomkwist in the English remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Craig has time on his hands due to the troubles with getting [...]

Stieg Larsson, Bitch

It’s annoying when everyone starts raving about something you already discovered and have been raving about for ages. This happened to me. I was a huge Dave Chapelle fan before he got his show, I loved his stand-up but after he got famous I wanted to sack anyone who said ‘Rick James, bitch.’ So allow [...]