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2011: The Year of 3-D and Sequels

This year is slowly but surely coming to a close. Before everyone comes out with their top tens for twenty a ten, a look at the year ahead reveals a lot of sequels and 3-dimensional motion pictures on the horizon. I hear you saying, isn’t every year the year of the sequel? That’s true, horror [...]

New Kubrick Posters, The Many Faces of Alan Rickman & More Eye Candy

A day late, a buck short, this update to the Cinescape (think of it as StumbleUpon for the movie buffs) is coming in just over a month since it’s maiden voyage, and there’s plenty of eye candy this time ’round. For starters you can check out The Many Faces Of… A spectacular website with great [...]

The Cinescape: The Good, the Bad and the Irresistible

Granted, the title sounds like the name of a bad porn movie, but you’ll see it’s very appropriate. As a movie blogger, one spends a lot of time looking at the rest of the film blogosphere, the cinematical landscape, the cinescape if you will, in an effort to stay abreast of the news, catch the [...]