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The Pacific: Review of Episodes 9 & 10

After leaving the treacherous hills of Peleliu, a battle not widely reported or documented, the Marines know that the fight will become tooth and nail as they get closer to the Japanese mainland. A while back I’d mentioned that all of these islands in the pacific are suprisingly absent of civilians, well in part nine [...]

The Pacific: Review of Episodes 7 & 8

Part seven of the HBO mini series The Pacific sees Sledge and the Fifth Marines continue the fight for Peleliu after having taken the airfield in part six. Whereas the last episode marked Sledge’s birth by fire, this episode observes as he and his comrades turn into (or back into) a bunch “raggedy-ass Marines.” Unbeknownst [...]

The Pacific: Review of Episodes 5 & 6

Parts five and six of the series mark the halfway point in the series. Up until this point the fighting has been rather stationary, with the Americans taking positions and holding them, with much success. Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) and some other newly minted Marines arrive on Pavuvu, where he finds his pal Sidney Phillips [...]

The Pacific: Review of Episodes 3 & 4

Just over a week ago I covered the first two episodes of The Pacific, HBO’s series on the Pacific theatre of World War II. After four months on Guadalcanal the troops finally get some hard earned reprieve and a hero’s welcome in Melbourne. They are treated as the saviours of Australia, but not everybody is [...]

The Pacific: Review of Episodes 1 & 2

As promised in that other post, I’ve written a review of the first two parts of The Pacific, the HBO mini series following three marines through the Pacific theatre of World War II. Executive producer Tom Hanks narrates the opening of each episode which features original footage and maps. We also get to hear from [...]

The Pacific Update

Although the first two hours have already aired in the United States, viewers in the United Kingdom will have to wait until Monday night to catch The Pacific, a World War II mini-series about three U.S. Marines and their exploits in the Pacific theatre. The series is a companion to the very successful Band of [...]