The Cinescape: The Good, the Bad and the Irresistible

Granted, the title sounds like the name of a bad porn movie, but you’ll see it’s very appropriate. As a movie blogger, one spends a lot of time looking at the rest of the film blogosphere, the cinematical landscape, the cinescape if you will, in an effort to stay abreast of the news, catch the odd interesting tidbit in the rumour mill,  read other good articles, take part in the discussion, and improve upon one’s own blog. Movie blogs, news sites and such are a dime a dozen, and constantly producing content ranging from informative, to bizarre, to unneccessary, to obscene and hilarious,  and I’d like to make a regular segment out of highlighting the best and the worst of what the vast cinescape hast to offer. A task that will likely require some input, there is simply too much to digest out there, and so little time. But take a quick look around yourself and you’re sure to come by interesting stories – like the same prop newspaper being used in film and television. There is of course an endless amount of celebrity gossip, but you may or may not find Lindsay Lohan quoting the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights newsworthy. Of course there are a lot of news stories, and not so new stories – how does Bond 23 not get made in a big hurry? Other articles are written in such a way that you can’t pass them up. Now, I don’t want to give everything away in the first installment, but for the inaugural post I needed to add some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best quotes, and in weighing it’s position amongst the best, worst and irresistible of the cinescape I think it’s obvious that it belongs firmly to both the formermost and the latter.

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