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A while back I had to come up with a cute, short tagline for my site. I didn’t know what to write so in an attempt at humour I mentioned the fact that I’d sit through any movie, except Druids, which was awful. It turns out I lied – I stopped watching Epic Movie halfway into the opening scene. I had no idea who that sort of film was targeted at, or how they received funding for it, but I was sure that whoever made it probably wouldn’t be allowed near a movie set for quite some time. But after reading a review of Vampires Suck I realized it’s been the same duo that have been producing all of the spoof movies in recent years. I was aware that parodies had been drastically decreasing in quality since the second Scary Movie sequel, but I wasn’t aware that this had become a bad business model, turning profits despite terrible reviews, and boycotts. When it comes to reviewing these films it appears less is more, many critics using four words or less to write this film off. It’s understandable, it’s not even something you enjoy poking fun at. It’s simply uninspired, unadulterated trash. Not even stupid funny, not slapstick, nothing. The films don’t compare to Hot Shots, The Naked Gun, not to mention Mel Brook’s comedies like Spaceballs or Men in Tights. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have been described as symbols of Western civilization’s decline, you might find that extreme but they certainly represent the worst in the business, grinding out one bad comedy after the next and using marketing gimmicks to get enough assess in the seats to cover their costs, and then some. It’s a shame because of a lot of these movies need to be spoofed, why do they have to spoil the fun?

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