The Dark Knight Rises Casting Decisions

The Dark Knight Rises PosterBatman 3 has a name and it’s called The Dark Knight Rises. Not necessarily the title for the final installment of a series, a title that implies something of an origin story, despite the fact we saw the beginning in, well, Batman Begins. Don’t be deterred, director Christopher Nolan is a master at manipulating a film’s timeline (see Memento). Apparently the film will switch back and forth between the events taking place after the last film and events before the first film. It sounds like a cool concept and will hopefully make for a story-arch of Lost proportions – without a crushing disappontment for a climax. Speaking of which, Lost actor Nestor Carbonell is in talks to reprise his role as mayor of Gotham. The rest of the ensemble cast will also be returning (assuming their character hasn’t been killed off). A slew of Inception actors will be joining the team, including Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, the latter two recent confirmations following a lot of speculation and don’t come necessarily as a big surprise, the result of Nolan’s penchant for using the same actors and remaining quiet about decisions regarding his films. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ken Wantanabe or Liam Neeson or any of the others in the previous films make a guest appearance or in a short cameo. In fact I expect a few surprises, which hopefully doesn’t ruin it for me. The cool poster on the left was done by themadbutcher.

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