The Dark Side of Popular Advertising

Darth Vader Volkswagen

Support CO2 emissions cuts, you must. The automaker Volkswagen had a successful advertising spot turn on them. Most people are familiar with the spot that ran during the superbowl, with a mini Darth Vader running around his house, trying to use the force. Now, Greenpeace has used it against them, in what is a very creative campaign to stop Volkswagen from lobbying the government for softer CO2 regulations and for having environement-unfriendly automobiles roll off the assembly line. Eco-Friendly shouldn’t be a luxury but standard. Apparently other automakers (such as BMW and Toyota) are doing a better job of reducing the amount of carbon their vehicles emit. The interesting bit is how professional their spot and website looks. It was a premeditated and tactical move, with an international roll-out and a strong online and social media presence. All in an attempt to bring VW back into the fold, away from the dark side. Watch the spot, and decide whether you will use the force for good and join the rebellion. They already have some strong support, namely the amount of people working probably pro bono who helped create this spot.

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