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Jinni LogoFor anyone that has spent way too much time walking through the rows at their local video store, or been on the Internet Movie Database or Amazon searching for cinematic inspiration, they’re usually disappointed or often times baffled. I’m not sure how it works at IMDB, but on Amazon you get a list of products bought by customers who also bought the product you’re looking at. When you’ve bought a hot ticket item the suggestions are usually good but if there isn’t a critical mass of customers the recommendations are way off. Which means if only a few people have bought a book about say, the Stauffenberg plot, you’re left with whatever else was in their shopping cart, which may be a related book, or it may be Beekeeping for Dummies, who knows. An alternative option are film search engines like Nanocrowd or Clerkdogs, both return films similar to ones you enter with greater relevance, the former even lets you drilldown into nanogenres (a word which they copyrighted). Regardless, the reason you like a film or a book is often different from the reason another person does, wouldn’t it be nice if you could search for films, books and music based on the particular traits you liked? For instance you could look for films set in Victorian England, dealing with revenge – or comic bank robberies. Well the answer is Jinni, a movie suggestion site or taste engine. You can describe in your own words what it is you want to see and it workes like a charm.Another less known tool but one with similar functionality is the film finder from Movie Pilot. moviepilot, movie finder The site is based in Germany the English home page is crap but the finder seems to work. Other than that there are a number of sites that give you recommendations based on your ratings of other movies, which is another route but I think the best is as mentioned, Jinni. Searching based on mood, story line or whatever words come to your mind is truly a slick, easy way to get your fix, when you’re not sure exatly what it is your craving.

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  1. Monty Python

     /  May 26, 2011

    Excellent idea!

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