The Frozen Tundra

Every once and a while it’s worth watching The Thing. I’m not a big fan of horror or gore, or space alien grossness, but for some reason, this film counts among my favourites of all time. I think I like the atmosphere, the way the story builds and the remoteness of the story’s setting, way down south on the continent Antartica. So much so that I even watched a documentary from Werner Herzog called Encounters at the End of the World. It’s certainly not your penguins and seals docusnoozefest, you meet a lot of interesting people but it’s all too brief with too many questions left unanswered, this could have easily been a mini series. The guy who works in the green house put it aptly, it’s as if you shook the globe and all the loose-footed free-wheeling characters fell to the bottom. Whether it’s a woman who rode a dump truck through the Congo or a reclusive penguin expert you only ever get to scratch the service – which is a shame. Werner Herzog asks some very good questions, and the entire film is beautifully shot and well edited, so I hate to critique it, but Herzog, originally from Germany and a critically acclaimed director, particularly his narration – paying attention to utterly flawless pronunciation – comes off a little laboured and inauthentic, I wish he’d done it with more emotion rather than attention to diction, because from the text you notice his passion for people. Regardless, for anyone looking to find out more about the Big Freeze, definitely take a look at this film. And for those fans of the original John Carpenter sci-fi horror classic, there’s a prequel coming out, which cronicles what happened to the Norweigans, before they showed up at the American base trying to kill that poor, poor puppy wuppy dog. It won’t be out until October of this year, never a good thing when films get pushed back, but I’ll do anything to return to that desolate, frozen landscape.

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