The Hobbit to Incorporate Macbeth Story!?

In an uncharacteristic move Peter Jackson has announced his intention to incorporate the story of Macbeth into the classic Middle Earth tale, in what will certainly be a major diversion from the original story, much to the disdain of die hard fans. Okay, so that’s not true at all, but this project might as well be titled “Macbeth,” given how what has to be the safest bet in Hollywood simply can’t get off the ground. The film failed to launch due to MGM’s financial trouble (along with James Bond and a few other films), resulting in director Guillermo del Toro dropping out. Peter Jackson who would have been producing has now been brought on to direct, in what must seem like taking the helm of a sinking ship. Unions have turned Jackson into the bad guy over a disagreement regarding minimum conditions for actors, but Jackson is convinced they’re trying to wheedle out dollars out of a big budget production, setting a standard that would make life harder for smaller film companies. Regadless, it is looking like a real possibility that the film will not be shot on the now hallowed ground of New Zealand as a result. The New Zealand union is also telling actors to boycott the production so long as the row is not resolved. A notion supported by the three of the main actors in the film. On top of that, add the fact that Jackson was initially booted from the project. Recently fires destoryed miniatures to be used in production. This film seems plagued, damned and unlikely to meet the December 2011 release date. I hope I’m wrong.

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