The Pacific Update

the pacific series update Although the first two hours have already aired in the United States, viewers in the United Kingdom will have to wait until Monday night to catch The Pacific, a World War II mini-series about three U.S. Marines and their exploits in the Pacific theatre. The series is a companion to the very successful Band of Brothers, also from HBO (I’d like to see them start up Rome again, but I’m not holding my breath). In case you didn’t know, HBO is like a blockbuster grindhouse, see The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc., but this is a no-brainer and initial reviews are good. I don’t think I can wait until Easter Monday so a review of the first two episodes will likely come before they air on this side of the pond, but we’ll see. The series runs 10 episodes like it’s companion and is shot in HD, so there will be plenty of jaw-dropping action in the weeks to come.

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