The Plame Game

I loves me a good political thriller. Fair Game is sure to be one. What with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts starring opposite one another in a dramatization of the Valerie Plame affair. Plame was outed by the White House in an attempt to discredit her husband Joseph Wilson, played by Sean Penn – a point of contention for some given his stance on the Iraq War. You remember his soiled and blood-soaked underwear speech? You can watch it on The Colbert Report. I also recommend the Meta-Free-Phor-All. I’m interested to see how it turns out, I’m optimisitc because Doug Liman is directing, and he has more experience with mindless action films (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Ultimatum). I don’t know how many action sequences this film will have – a lot of papers being burned and photos being taken, with a courtroom crescendo – but I’m sure it will entertain. Here is the preview.

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