The Riddler: Revelations or Ridiculous Rumours?

A while back a visitor commented on the likelihood of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing The Riddler in the upcoming third installment of the Batman series. The actor featured in Christopher Nolan’s mind-blowing masterpiece, Inception. Nolan likes working with the same actors (for examples see: all of the movies Nolan has made in the last ten years), which bodes well for the former Roseanne star. Back in July it was revealed that JGL was listed on ‘the grid’ as interested in the role, which doesn’t mean much other than the character is almost certain to feature in the film, but it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is attached to this film – even names like Dane Cook and Robin Williams are being floated as possibilities (I’m sure either of those would be a hoot). It’s even possible Inception co-star DiCaprio is in the running for the role. Hopefully it’s just Nolan keeping everyone guessing, like the marketing for his last film. I wouldn’t be surprised if DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt or some other combination features in the last installment, I doubt that the quizzical quack will be the only supervillain in this movie.

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